Only Mom can understand my pain,
Only Mom would try for me,
Only Mom prays hard about me.
Her soul and emotions lie with me.
Her presence and absence is the same.
Through emotions I’ve learnt so much.
Unconditional love I’ve experienced.
Her investment support denotes hope,
Jesus will bring rain in desert.
The darkest place shall turn into brightest.
Dear Mom, I’ll make you proud.

The sun will rise, no more darkness.
This hard work is for the next generation,
No time for generations but work.
I’m scared hardships become problematic,
I’ve realized, this thing’s sarcastic,
Is playing with me, it’s dramatic.
Even though, I managed to concentrate
…to trade and compete,
I knew I’ve got to sing no matter what.
Time for excuses has postponed.
I’m committed to working hard.
Nothing but death can stop me.
Dear Mom, I’ll make you proud.