We promised each other
That we would be a finger and nail,
We would be like twins,
We would talk the same talk,
In your absence I would defend you,
And you would defend me
In my absence too,
We promised to be friends,

You promised me that
You would scratch my back,
And I would scratch yours,
But you did the opposite,
Like a sky covered by a dark clouds,
Promising to rain,
But instead the sun burns like hells,
Because behind my back,
You plot my downfall,

Behind my back,
You spread my deep secrets,
In front of you I’m your friend,
But behind my back
I’m your next gossip topic,
So whose friend are you,
So far, you are not mine,
I’m far better off without you
Behind my back,
I have a strong shield
To protect me now,
That shield is God,
Now behind my back I’m protected