It first seemed like doom and gloom as the day beckoned.
Unsavoury episodes were at play towards the big moment,
but little did I know they were a big omen.
I was besotted with her and she was stationed by the pay phone.
For an awful moment, she appeared way out of reach.
The elusive lass then came afore and took the bait,
And the new love bell sounded the minute I nabbed the night prowler.
For a moment when all was well in the world

Good heavens!
There I was with delightful Dosi.
Oh, she was like a fond bouquet embrace in my arms,
she eyed me seductively with oval ambers in the dark.
We kissed six trillion times in the telephone booth.
Dosi made me feel larger than life, royalty and heaven know that!
Time went by in a blur of kisses and whispers.
Finally, on New Year’s Day,
I kissed the rose and poured the pollen.
Who was the king of the world on that day?
Me, myself and me alone