They chanted their voice echoing through the mountains of South Africa.
No more mourning for the lost lives as they got replaced by video calling.
Present generations being led into this democratic country being titled the ‘born frees’,
Born into the world full of blessings.

I stand disgraced to be amazed by these selfish leaders
who destroy that which is ours.
Hope of South Africa has eroded in the early hours
with greedy leaders abusing their powers.
Look at the South African children struggling.

You have implemented senseless system
that prove to be worse than oppression.
The South African child is weeping, poverty is sweeping.
Whilst you reside in mansions feasting,
the South African child finds nothing inside the bread bin.
Look around, please!

The South African child stands to call at the edge of the mountain falling
then you stand amazed when you have lost him/her.
Youngsters are at the corners rotting,
finding no way out, they end up robbing.
Then you label them as young thieves resorting to spirituality
claiming that they are unholy.

You are supposed to be leading
but you have turned our state house into a filthy circus
where you fight your own personal battles
The South African child then suffers the beating
He/she is then placed on the ground that is overheating
As you have uprooted the grass with your fancy heels

The hope of Africa like sand through the hourglass is spilling.
The joy of freedom gained is slowly peeling away,
the hope for a bright future is gradually depleting.
I guess somehow this democracy is evolving
And definitely not including me
The voice of Africa that I am