Oceans are apart, from dawn to
Dusk. The stars ran out of light,
I remain from a shade. I slowly
Go insane, I lost my real self.
I heard your voice on a line,
But it did not stopped the pain.

If you’re next to me neither,
How could I sing once more forever.

I undermined all our memories
We shared, I thought they could
Last somehow.
I heard your laughter, I tasted
Your tears but can’t hear you now.

How could you go baby, how
Could I not go crazy. Whatever
You do and wherever you go
I’ll always be right here waiting
For you.

I wondered how will I breathe
Without you, you were the source
Of my breathing. I wondered
How will I survive this hurtful
Romance. Anyhow I am going
To be with you, I will take the

Whatever it takes or how my
Heart brakes. I will always be
Right here waiting for you.