I will never do it again
I went off, I have seen and I
Have stranded. I learnt, I have
Seen and I have stranded.
But none resembles that
Natural beauteous.

I know girl that I’ve promised
To you that I do love you.
I know babe that I’ve promised
To you that I will never do this
Again. I will never do this
Anymore and anyhow. I didn’t
Know that things would be like
I promise also to the world and I
Write it on the skyline we people
Believe hardly, you might be lost
By confusions. We people learn
Hardly, you might be lost without

I disappointed you and I ruined
Your heart. I disrespected you
And I undermined you I know it all.

But please forgive me, I will never
Do this again. I am asking you girl,
I am asking my love. I will never
Ever do this again.

I ruined you people’s daughter,
I know I played you.
I will never ever do this again.