Democratic country since 1994
Back then only racism held our people back
And that’s the truth because of people not
Forgetting the era of apartheid
Our forefathers were killed
Justice was never served
But struggle helped us to survive

Variety of religions, languages, and cultures
Skin determines wealth and richness
Praise to different gods and one God
Beliefs and customs differ
Care not to love it, not South Africa

Auto wrecks occur most during bonus holidays
Satan worship cries and swallows our future
Blood flows down the drains
No sin to sympathize with juveniles
Only oceans of discipline are full
Some churches need preachers
Preach not to urban life

Welcome to our South Africa
A place where Ubuntu is practiced
To kill the complexities and that which makes us uncomfortable
Die not ordained souls
Caring not to oppress the poor
Kindness doth not insult the act of worship
A smile of all sorts of sweet souls