I’m tired not just tired but very tired

I’m tired of sitting and watching my sisters
Bleaching their skins so they can be yellow-bones
And I wonder what is wrong with their black skins!

I’m tired Africans really now
Or did you really forget that the black blood is still running in your veins.

I’m tired just simply because being black isn’t a mistake
That’s why I won’t ever be a fake

I’m tired of these abortions they do each and every day
What happened to the condoms,
Because now you’re busy killing the innocent souls?

I’m tired now it’s time to face the truth face to face
While I’m still handling my pace
Oh God these rapists are a disgrace,
I’m sitting here wondering what happened to the youth
Because back then kids used to respect their elders

I’m tired,
I won’t sit here like I can’t see,
Now it’s time to face the facts
Otherwise the future is near and it can’t handle this bad picture

I’m tired not just tired but very tired