Get rid of the nasty thoughts
Never let the mind creep deep
The mind manifests itself in the body
Do not imagine negativity
It is a difficult story
One too cropped out
A story few know

How do I tell this story
With zoom lens attached?
Maybe distance can be used
Perhaps flash and if so,
What is highlighted?
Going through the motions

In the same 24 hours
Happiness and sadness
Love and hate
Insecurity and the future
Beauty and depression
Purpose and stress
In the same body, thriving

Where do I start?
Getting out of bed is easier
Bathing is sensational
Eating is a hobby
The heart is still pumping
The story of post-traumatic growth
It keeps the soul alive

When you have resources in place
Willing to work with them,
Conquering is the soil you grow
This is what you have do
It is what you have to continue to do
It is the story that narrates itself
To keep the flesh alive

Depression causes the mind’s death
Heart pumps slowly
Followed by the soul dying
Ultimately the flesh
Save your self
Seek professional help
Your emotions must never control you
Your story is not over yet