Love her only, because you love her sincerely
Speak your mind to her, unfold it and simplify it
Listen to her, and find ways to comfort her
Kiss her when she wants and when she needs it
Be honest with her in all ways possible
Cherish her, for indeed she makes your heart beat
Massage her feet and sing her a song
Sometimes let yourself be in the wrong
Touch her carefully with fervent passion
Always seek to be her superman
Let her give you strategies about something she don’t know
Give her your mind, body and soul as she has given hers
Be faithful, if necessary ask her to entice you
Bear in mind that she also needs a dishwashing partner
Don’t let her cook as you are the bastard that impregnated her
Compliment her, even when she hasn’t asked you to
Give her what she wants and she will give you the world
Treat her like a queen and you will be a king
Take her out and brag about her
Love what she is shy about and ignore her strengths
Make her feel like the last valuable puzzle piece that she is
Adore her, and dance with her all night long
Don’t hit her, she is your child bearer
Cuddle her and count the stars
Buy her roses or peanut butter, it always does the trick
When she is pregnant never say I love you
Unless you want her mood swings all over the place
Make her feel awkward, she will sing her secrets
Make her furious… and you are dead.