A hungry school girl comes home
She puts her schoolbag on the bed
She puts her empty lunchbox on the bed
She puts her empty purse on the bed
She loosens her tie from her neck
And puts her suicidal thoughts on this bed
She hears a rumbling sound killing the silence in the house
She realises that her stomach is empty yet again
She goes to the kitchen looking like a pet with nothing to eat
She sees no dirty plates lying around
Everything looks squeaky clean
As frustration grows on her face
She realises that she is all over the place
Trying to put food on the plate
As her weak body kills her pace
She slowly walks back to the bed
And lays down with an empty stomach
On this bed she puts all her cries
And the bed soaks her tears
She puts all her pain
And the bed offers her relief
She fails to keep her eyes wide open
As she falls asleep on the bed
She dreams about her late mother
She remembers the days before she died
She sees her cooking on the stove
She sees her holding a knife
Fixing supper for her that night
She smells the aroma around the house
And it smells delicious
she shouts with a smile on her face
She is woken up by her own voice
She opens her eyes
And looks around the house
She sees nobody cooking in the kitchen
She sniffs around the house
looking for the delicious smell of food
She smells nothing in the air
What could comfort her in these troubling times? She thinks
She lays her head on the bed