From the first glimmer of light
Courtesy of life to the world,
You are welcome

Ordained to follow a series of events
Victimised by unpredictable pathways
In the blank pages of uncanny minds
To test your creativity in the likeness
Of the living,
Capturing permanent portraits
From the faint moment in the peak memory
Of coming time,
You are welcome.

Let us take a walk on your
Pale fragments awaiting the fresh footsteps of unwritten history,
Born of your declaration to begin writing your story,
With the help of caring guardian(s);
Tears and emotion are to be expected
When promises of home are left broken.
The unforgiving half of myself reviling in disappointments
With every flaw in the timeline of
Your faux history

So be careful;
The decisions you are to make could
Decide your worth in this world.
It’s normal for me to care
When the steps you take are the pinnacle
Of my existence;
Then again
You are welcome