Feelings are going off like an alarm.
Lust is eating us quicker than quicksand.
The clock seems to have stopped.
Our lust burns like a love candle.
My erection is stronger than a magic wand,
waving high and granting no wishes.
And when you scream “oh baby!”
you steer me into a different time zone.
The room’s getting smaller,
we keep banging as if
we’re escaping a hellfire.
We keep moving as if
escaping the bondage of chains.
Your yells are my drive,
yet your eyes want to bring me to a halt.
Your touches are my heart.
The friction is getting too much,
we’re sparking red flames.
But we shall keep going on and on.
Cup me with your legs,
lash me with the weapons of you hunger.
And let me ease you!