Never stop dreaming, never stop believing
And never give up
When life gets you down
And you feel like giving up

When family turns its backs on you
And can’t even give you a plate of food
Don’t give up
When you have nothing but rice and potatoes in your house
And not even a sight of a mouse
Don’t give up

When you feel suicidal
And want to end it all
Don’t give up

After giving your life to others
Lovers, brother and mothers
After losing yourself to life’s heartaches
Never give up

Keep on dreaming!
Keep on believing!
Keep on screaming for help!
‘Cause God will hear your prayers.

When your heart bleeds for love
When your heart bleeds for love
Don’t ever give up!
Don’t ever give up!

Rejected by society
Piously stood by your family
Financially assisted
But now can’t even make it
Don’t give up!

Though you are sad within your heart
Though you wanna shout out to God
When streams of tears fall down your face
You feel dejected and disgraced
When bills and bills pile up
When family and friends leave, when times are tough
Never, ever give up!

Keep on dreaming.
Keep on believing.
That’s the reality that we are living in
Where selfishness and pride rules the day
When care for the other gets cast away

When you’re trapped on an island
And have nowhere to stay
Don’t ever give up!
When you are forced into a hole
When you are forced to suck on a pole
Never, ever give it!

Dreams are realities
Set in the sky
The only time they become real
Is when you are willing to take flight

Take the plunge
Don’t be afraid to go down
Don’t be afraid to lose out
Never, ever give up!
Never, ever give up!

Never stop dreaming!
Never stop believing!
When drugs and alcohol
Are dangled in front of you
Don’t be a fool
Never, ever give up!

When temptations cause you to sway
When you heart begins to change
Never, ever give up!
If you have an onion in a pot
And you have rice within your loft
Thank God always
And never give up
Keep on dreaming!
Keep on believing!
And never give up!