I dream for you Mama
I dream about you Mama
I pray God doesn’t take you away from me
Before I show you how much I care, Mama
My heart breaks seeing you struggle
I wish I had a magic wand to make all your problems vanish
My dreams for you seem far-fetched
But I know God has it all under control

Your presence motivates me
My heart aches at the fact that I wasn’t able to be with you for 9 years
I feel selfish for not putting myself in your shoes and acting sooner
Day in and out I pray to God to keep you
I need you to see the dreams I have for you, Mama, for us
Especially when they’re not dreams anymore but reality
Your smile has so much sadness behind it
I can tell you’re struggling
It hurts me because I’m your first child even though you had me
When you were also just basically a child
You made so many sacrifices just to make sure you provided for me
I sometimes ask God to forgive you for your sins
Because I fail to understand why life is so hard on you
You’re so perfect in my eyes
You chose to give life to me, I’m really grateful
I don’t have the materialistic things to show you now but God will provide
Just hold on mama, hold on to the dreams I have for you