Inside I’m burning but outside I’m brave,
Trying to avoid the pain I have,
Trying to smile although it hurts,
Trying to deal with my thoughts,
The world is too much for me,
I’m not the same person I used to be.

I’m hearing a lot of noise,
Tell me if you heard my voice,
These bad memories won’t stop,
These dreams won’t stop.

My days are too dark
But the sky is too bright,
My friend told me I’m a fighter,
He gave me hope now I’m free,
He opened my eyes when couldn’t see.

Now I have freedom to be myself,
Dark days in my life have gone,
The hero inside me has been born,
I have strength to carry-on,
Now it’s time for me to move-on.

I have strength to go far in my career
I have a gift to become an author,
A warrior of words,
That is why I won’t give up,
That is a reason I won’t sleep-up.