Out of a swampy region
comes the grandeur of nature
inconspicuously sprouting.
Then it blossoms,
an attractive view with a nice scent.
Insects all over it,
having a Passover meal.
Yes, seeking life
the plants flower then wither.

Out of darkness
the light shines.
The earth’s horizon appears
to the earthling’s eye.
Then it glows
along its way.
The earthly eye appreciates
how blessed it is with its full light.
Then it creeps seeming stationary,
all the way to shine into another darkness.
The earth admires its rays
on the beaches.
But since it has to set
for half its period,
the shadow has to be cast.
The last horizon waves its light.

Out of a woman
comes a man,
yawning and senseless to the world,
a harsh eye from her mother,
the sense of sight in him.
Whips introduces him to the sense of touch.
Then he grows into the youth stage.
To miss his stress he points his eye
to his young mistress.
Then everything encompasses him,
hate and love,
shifting into an advanced school of worries.
The heart’s walls breaking
like a brittle material under pressure.
Then humanity a relief to the young heart’s burdens.
Responsible to catch his prey like a hungry lion,
fulfilment of its best dinner.
Happiness wraps him
with keys to open posh cars.
Everyone admires him,
even hate becomes sullen,
wishing to suck out his life.
He then moves into the unbearable age
Diseased, with his own heavy back
bending to support his weight
with the third artificial leg.
Then myopic sight,
the sun has set,
the flower has withered.
Everyone misses his wisdom.