Have you ever wondered why we are like this?

Sometimes we never get the chance to even answer that
Until we see the struggle of pain within us.
Yes! Siyazama kutikhulula kodwa cha akuvumi
(we try to free ourselves but itโ€™s not working).

We were powerful gems of the century,
Oh God what happened to us.
What happened to the beginning of a new journey
And the everlasting joy of the heavens.

What happened to the love of honey you promised to give us
On a daily basis. We trusted you with our whole hearts
And grace but you still left us speechless.

We cried out to the bottom of the earth to see
If you were witnessing what was happening
On your side of the bed but you kept quiet.
Sikhulule kukhala kwethu kute sibone indlela leta kuwe
(relieve us from all the crying so that we can see our way to you).

Now you know why we are like this, itโ€™s because you left us
Without any words or holds to hide in to remove the pain.
We love you the way you loved us with some extra cheese on top.

Tribute to my brother: Shizzlle Ka Shandu 925