We hate ourselves ,
because of our mistakes
We shut people out because we scared of love
Why can’t we just be normal people ?
Be able to love ,trust in one person

See , it’s the same people that hurt us twice
So we don’t know where to run.
We just bottle up all of our emotions
Try to hide our scars just to feel alive
We were never the same but we had to play the part
There’s only one thing that keeps us sane , which is art

I wish I could be able to show my true self
Not be worried of what people will say
But in a world like this , people always have things to say
I wouldn’t mind if they were all good
Because I know I’m not perfect
I don’t need others to tell me that

Some will smile at you
Knowing behind your back they are making jokes about you
People are afraid of each other
We don’t know what people are capable of doing
Everyday a person dies
Like a dead rose we’re falling piece by piece

I wish we could all wake up
When did teenage pregnancy become a trend
Slowly , slowly.
I don’t know what will happen but…

Mother earth is angry
We’re destroying her so much
Ohh how I wish this poem could touch your hearts
How I wish it could open your eyes.
I know it may not what you expected but it’s the truth
And the truth hurts