Before we were we I was me
No love nor hate just a heart so free
bold, lively and promising like a seed
I before thee lived life like a king

I before thee cared less of the leaves
That adorn this aged out tree
Neither did I care if it’s rasp or ready
To grasp fruits I sprang
Admiration of nature is all man’s weakness
And before thee to indulge I was free
Before thee no endeavours surfaced
To search for she ‘cause my heart’s softer than my lung

Before you came along and with a smile made my day
I lived like a king and laughed all day
Before thee my heart was always in delight
Before thee I knew not this plight
Before thee these fairytales didn’t seem too far a grasp
Today trying to say that is just to sacrifice
I cannot help but gasp

You know, before thee a saint I was
With a soul untainted
I flowed with the wind like long hair unplaited
Bloomed potential like a canvas unpainted
I mean, before thee there wasn’t a reason
I had to act like those infatuated I hated

You know, before you and I were we I was me
Now I’m out here all alone searching for me