From the veins of unwanted seeds,
I was bred
Placed in pity by men of ego and greed.
It’s their pride they feed
And it’s pain I bleed
Purposely, they take no heed
As I cry from the hearth
Suffocating in the heat.

I am a legend that never die
Stories told about me are a lie
In their mocks, it’s me they crucify
For it’s my existence they deny

Still, I rise
Everyday getting wise
In this world that is brutal
What I am never die, it’s immortal

I’ll be black,
Even when black fade on me
In deserts where rain is absent
In jungles of hungry lions
On thorny roads walking shoeless
Still, I will be.

I’ll be black,
Death will die first
Before I cease to be
My spirit will roam
Again, I’ll be reborn
Still, so black.

I’ll be black,
On the tides of their hate,
I’ll surf
And won’t drown
Even in their scorn,
I’ll be black