You roam around the streets
Rendering rumours
Uttering reparation with no action
You sleep around
Yet preach morals
Spoil your throat to society
While discouraging others
You swear at your neighbours
Yet command respect for others.

Be not surprised
When your heirs go astray
When they call you names
Showing no remorse
When they sip that bottle
And inhale that powder
Be not surprised
When you rip what you sow

They are no gangsters
Short left
Short right

There they are
Smoking their lungs to pieces
Drinking their souls and talents down the drain
Provoking their in-laws and neighbours
Killing their brothers and sisters
Arousing fear in communities

They are
Obscured by their fears and peers
Covering their unfading wounds
Running away from their shadows
Forgetting their roots

They need help
They need love
They need to be heard
They need acceptance

They are not gangsters
They are shining stars
Dimmed by challenges facing trials