Jealousy, like a hungry raging flame burnt the love in my heart
Giving premature birth to twitching anger that tore me apart
How could a yesterday that was so sweet and innocent be contaminated by jealousy?
Once it was a perfect sight; until sun gave way to moon
Light gave way to darkness; the angels were overpowered by demons
Love gave way to anger; in a split second all was destined to be doomed

An evil thought was set in motion in the back of her mind
Releasing to the atmosphere chemicals of betrayal and lies
This brought with it a naive demise to our secret love
Polluting the neatness of our vows with jealousy
Awakening emotions I never knew existed…
Armed with vengeance; ready to crush her emotions

Ready to die in the name of love; bloodshot eyes, red is all they could see
Evil scents of hatred filled my nostrils; if this fate so be it, I said to myself
Her life is mine and mine hers; pulling her rough by the hair
I felt her breath so heavy with fear
In sharp contrast to the proud blood-stained knife in my hand
Heart racing, pounding and bouncing like a tennis ball in the court of my chest

Armed with toxic verbal slurs of anger
“It’s your fault! It’s your fault,” I chanted
Violently shaking and twisting her immobile body
She glared motionlessly at me with those innocent eyes; “I love you,” she said
Then out… brief candle
Alas, I lost the light of my life to eternal sleep