They fought for education
Yet we deny education for drugs
They sacrifice their lives for a good cause
Yet we sacrifice ours to teen pregnancies and parties
They didn’t have a voice
Yet they shouted, loud and clear
Clear enough for the oppressor
To listen and hear their cry
Yet we have a voice
And we are dead silent
To the problematic education system
Which pronounces us successful
Yet, the world sings a different song

It’s so ironic
They stood to challenge what our parents
Dare not challenge
They hungered for the best
Yet we stand to challenge the best structures
The structures they fought tooth and nail
It is so ironic

Their master plan was to abolish
Oppression, segregation, Bantu education
And all ails associated with the oppressive government
Yet the present generation is dragging it back
In the name of rights
Rights to teen pregnancies while still at school
Denying the poor child
The right to parental care
We have messed it up all
That is the irony of it all