My mind is going round in circles.
Thoughts are shallow and vague.
Sleep is a thing of the past.
Trust is fading every second.
My heart beats ten times per second.

It’s sadness all the time,
insecurity is upon my unfriendly world.
Love is overrated, shy I might be sometimes.
I feel empty even if you are there.
Every call you receive sends my blood pressure to the stars.

I never knew that I dug my grave when I said I love you.
Once in a while I smile, we smile.
Anger and futile fights have become norms.
From woe to woe we migrate.
But unconditional love keeps us together.

This night I sit lonely without you.
I wonder through the peaceful night
if the so called destiny existed
wouldn’t you be with me right now?
The fear of losing you grow every day.
Love without trust Is full of insecurities.
I wish I could say I love you and mean it.
Love is not fair and yet it feels good.