Very tranquil
None to disturb me,
Give me time to meditate
To ruminate about the admirable times I’ve had;
About the deceitful times too
To think about that distinctive human I adore.

I smile solo,
My intelligence away from the setting I’m in,
It’s the body that’s left in it.
Give me my expanse
I need to meditate
I need to breathe

As I lay down
In my room
As if I own this world,
Yes! It’s my world
My whole world,

I look up
See the most attractive human
You are far away from me
Miles away from me,
Oh I’m day dreaming!

I can only create a picture
As if I’m listening to a story being told on the radio,
The human is one of its kind
Extraordinary on its own
Different from everything in this universe

My room, my whole world!
Please give me some space
I need that privacy
Like locking myself inside the bathroom

Should I text you?
Should I call you?
Should I?
Maybe I shouldn’t,
A day without speaking to you
Is like years not being in touch with each other
Oh I’m day dreaming again,
My room, my whole world!