The kind of little sister I always wanted
A true, real, loving, and troublesome friend
Every chance she gets she irritates me
Only in a good way by making me smile and laugh

I met her in 2012
And from then intelligence grew in her head
She became better and brighter in academics
But always there when struggle and shout
For help

One of my best motivators
A top achiever “Imbokodo, indlouukazi”
And her physique will tell
That she’s powerful and clever

At times she can act holier than thou
Mostly she’s filled with child-like life and craziness
Her personality is adored
Her beauty shines among mine

I wish her the very best in this incredible life journey
May God grant her comfort and the
Success she deserves
My heart without hers I can’t tell
Together we’re the mad buddies
That will always inspire each other
By our skills, talents, and great minds