Oceans of shyness distance
I can’t tell others “Lets defy the sea, let’s become Pangaea.”

Somebody please show me my class
Show me the library
Show me the tuck shop
Show me computer labs
Remind me who I am
Am I Madagascar; Am I Singapore?
I am an island in a strange archipelago.
Fellow islands morose, cyclones we endure
New places bring findings to enjoy;
Maybe he that is to come is joy
But to be his heralds, bullies shall be Johns.
Voices shouting in wilderness of human heart;
“Break time is at hand, let’s pick targets,”
To baptise with tears and sweats

I bring hope to my new school;
To every needy joke I am a butt.
A dart board for every needy dart.
God, how will I fight these bulls?
Surely you know I am no matador.

Foolish bores have genes of questionnaires;
What? When? Which? Who? Why? How and where?
-Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored! In despair!
Directions to my classes? “Try Yellow Pages,”
Late for my classes? Endless speeches
“But I am new; this place is too big.”
-Crass rebuttals are too big too
New places have two fatal wounds to present-
By bulls you are gored;
By fools you are bored.
I’ve had it! I’ve had it!

Some body rescue me! Reverse time!
Take me back to Grade seven,
This is so Babylon,
I’m sitting weeping Zion
To be with every old companion
Joy, be water I be Amazon.
Flow wide shame Forlorn
Who waters eye, make it sea like an onion
I shall move forward, step by step like a pawn
Then when eighth rank is reached,
Best choice shall be made,
Unlike now I shall be queened.