My love tree
My love is like a tree and
Yes indeed it grows as a tree.
My love started as a root barely
Even to grow on its branches
A fruit but I understand that
It was just a root.

My love grow so strong and
So tall, seasonal but still people
Couldn’t see that one day it
Would be special.

My love grew so big and tall until
It developed some branches and
Leaves but still some couldn’t take it seriously.
Some came and swung from it
But some came and ripped some
Things from it which that left some
Scars from its main root.

Some came to cut it off so that they
Could make wood from it but still
That left some scars that could
Barely heal because those scars were deep.

But still my tree stood there so strong day
And night although it was hurt the most.
Different seasons came by but still my
Tree stood there strong although it was lonely.

One day my tree grew up taller and bigger
So it can bear on its branches a fruit;
A fruit so fresh and sweet.

People came along and stood next to
It and wondered what made this tree
So tall and so strong but it was them
Who didn’t manage to maintain it so
On itself; it grew and learned some
Valuable lessons; that people won’t
Be there when you need them the most
But they will be there when you bear fruit
And to provide them with a shade so that’s
My love tree only if you can understand
The love is still inside my heart.