A leader, father, a husband,
A protection to my loved ones
And a breadwinner of my family.
In my yard there’s plugged signs
Bones of those who don’t obey
And question my power.
I seem so kind and lazy when I walk.
But that differs when I talk, cause everyone
Runs fearing for their lives about to be
Made chop steaks.
I look humble in the eyes of the Christians
But evil inside my heart.
I’m the most feared even when I’m asleep.

I’m a Lion
I only drink, eat red wine and red meat
Cause it holds my dignity.
I hate losing or failing.
I’m king wherever I step.
I’m a warrior
A hero
I’m a lion
A man of action.
A role model to my kids, wife, family, friends and my followers.
I have big dreams for everyone I love.

Ndim’ibhubesi ndenz’izinto zenzeke.
Ndithetha kuvokotheke.
Netshaba zikruquke.
Ontliziyo zibhetye bhetye badandatheke…

I’m a Lion