OH! My mother,
OH! My African woman,
OH! The black-skinned woman,
When I think of you, my heart smiles,
When I hear your name, I’m filled
with joy and love in my spirit.
When I’m around you, I fear nothing
because I feel protected.

I remember when I was as young as
a mouse,
You took good care of me,
You fed me, and I never went hungry,
You are the reason why I’m different
from pigs and dogs.
You gave me hope when there was no hope,
You kept on encouraging me even when the
situation was tough as a mountain rock,

Mama, I thank you for making me who
I am today,
I’m here because of your love,
Mama, I thank for not losing hope in me,
Thanks for your courage and support,
I thank you for taking care of me,
Mama, never leave me,
You are all I need, I love you, mommy.
Thanks for all you have done for me!