I remember my first encounter with you,
it was three years ago.
It feels like it was just a day ago.
Your eyes instantly stole all my attention
and I immediately knew my heart was up for ascension.

I knew I wasn’t good verbally,
actions were the only way I could tell you that I love you.
Sadly it was never enough.
I told you “I love you” but you took it as an insult.
I know you don’t love me back and you probably never will
but it’s difficult for my heart to let go.

I know you don’t belong to me, however,
I just can’t seem to let go.
I want to but my heart won’t let me.
Tell me what I should do,
don’t tell me to leave you alone,
my heart won’t let me.

I don’t know if it is love or just a crush,
all I know is that crushes don’t last this long.
If it was obsession I would have died a long time ago.
I have never felt like this about anyone.

It feels like punishment that you don’t feel anything.
I don’t know if you’ll ever give me a chance in our heart,
all I know is that I love you.
You, and only you.
I know you don’t love me,
But I hope that one day you will.