I remember that day when we were talking and he said to me
A kiss is not a kiss for me until I kiss you dear
A dream is not a dream for me until I dream of you
A wish is not a wish for me until I wish to have you in my life
A love is not a love for me until I am in love with you, Precious
And as he continued he said
I know what I feel for you is real
My heart beats in me for you
That’s for real, take me at my word
I’m in love with you for real
To be yours forever I’m ready to sign the deal

He got me blushing all day
Unto this day I still speak of his undying love for me
Though I may have much on my mind, my heart still beats for him
So loving and sweet
It’s a pity I didn’t believe it at first but now I see
He’s a treasure I wish to keep forever
Though life has its own way
Maybe someday I’ll fall to his arms again
And feel the warmth of his love
My head lying on his chest feeling his heartbeat