Why do you test my faith like this?
What is it that I have done to deserve this?
Is my love for you not enough?
Is my faith towards you not tough enough?
Show me what to do to be happy in life
Why am I always punished more than others in life?

I told you to use me, to show you that I believe in you
What more should I do for you, for you keep on closing my life in you
I worship you and fear your name for the love and respect I have for you
You gave me life to come work for you in this world
To spread the love and kindness poured into your world
Sometimes I feel like you hate me
For every bad thing happens to me alone
And I see that you’re never with me again.

You said you would never forsake me in your Word
But why do I feel like you have forsaken me when I struggle like this?
You gave me a good life and a great family, why this?
Now I don’t know why I have to be an enemy to the world
When you have created me to be a god like you and gave the Word
Why am I the worst person in the sinner’s world?
Why do I suffer like this when I have you in me?

What good does do for me to be called yours?
When I’m not treated as yours
What creation is better than the image you created me with, to this world of yours
What good am I to tell people about you when my heart struggles?
What love should I give to your people when you treat me like this?
How can I follow your commandments when you send the devil to distract me away like this?
I am not afraid to say that I love you, Lord
But why don’t you show me that I deserve to be loved by you, God?

I don’t care about the riches of the world
I only care about you taking care of me
Showing me the love you have for me,
I have sinned and I admit my sins,
But show me signs that I am your child too.