Writer of the Week, #WoW, was introduced in March 2018, as a way to acknowledge and celebrate writers who have shown consistency, growth, improvement, and interaction with their fan base on the site. Congratulations to this week’s WoW Sipho Mahlangu for ‘Hold On’. Keep writing and you could be next week’s Writer of the Week!


To the woman who was
Abused and divorced just because
You cannot conceive
Please hold on!

To the young man who
Lost his parents at a tender age
And was forced to grow up
And be a parent to your siblings
I say hold on!

To the man who is infertile and
You are always insulted by people calling
You less of a man because you don’t
Have children, Please hold on
Because the Lord is with you

To all the young people
Who have been seeking for employment
For years now without any luck
Please hold on!
You are so close

To the woman who was
Gang raped and left with permanent
Scars to remind you of the terrible
Please hold on!
Because the Lord will comfort you

To all the troubled souls
And the weeping souls that
Cannot seem to find a resting place
Please cry unto the Lord
Because he is listening!

To the woman whose husband
Loves entertaining woman
And your children go to bed on an
Empty stomach
Please be strong and hold on
Because the Lord will never
Abandon you.