Sorry, I’m not avoiding you
I know myself much better
Though I’m trying to address this
Yet it is taking far too long

Believe me, I’m too boring
When I’m quiet
Yet there are more stories in me
But they can’t find a way
Through my mouth, only through my hand

How I wished
My mouth could talk more
Like my hand
But alas
My hand is more talkative than my mouth

I don’t mean to be proud
Only being truthful
And feeling sorry for myself
As well as trying hard to change
Though seemed less alterable

How I hate to soliloquise
The sweet rhythms
With my pen
That even my mouth
Finds difficult to recite

I don’t know much about talking
I only know of writing
People think I’m selfish
Like I don’t wanna talk to them
Not aware of this mystery

I just laugh inside me
Not that am proud
But I have no tears to shed
Only joys, that cannot be expressed
Only sometimes, when it cannot be concealed.