My schoolmates are usually where I get support
My hopes are high they lie within
The best class ever
I wish for it to succeed
For the love of our lecturers in lecture
We shall all make it
Father God I pray you bless us all
With prosperity throughout
Our subjects ain’t easy but good enough
To help us in the future

Our past shall pass of course it will
But our present shall represent our future
Day by day, day and night I pray
For the end of the year
We came thinking it was “easy”
Since the previous class wiped out so easy

Our legacy is smart working
As one public speaker said in Thandokhulu
“Three hours sleep, quality life”
We never thought we knew the meaning
We said it just because we could
Clapping hands for the desire we have
For having a better, brighter future
The matriculants of 2014