Send children to a neighbor
To ask for food while standing at the door
Making sure no vulture will touch them
Children lean on walls of the neighbor’s
Shy enough to talk
Until the mother of the neighbor asks
What brings them there?

When they tell, they get laughed at!
The shamed poor kids return home
Their mother will then hustle better
Even if that means selling illegal goods
To escape from the poor zone of hunger

How can poorness do this?
How can poverty do this?
To our mothers as well?
Oh! Pity we all starve
Richness favors racism
And yet our mothers still struggle
To survive and feed us
Ordain me Lord
To keep my mom out of this misery
Because I love her so much

Poor poverty, I’ll knock you with my degree
Kill you with my Masters
Bury you with my Honors
And survive with my PhD