My blackness should not be a crime
It shouldn’t be, and it will never be
My blackness should not be the reason
Why I have to cry and live in disguise
My blackness should not be the reason
Why I protest at streets, with signs and cards
In the sky, high as it can be so that you can see
Because it’s either you’re deaf or blind

Pleading for my happiness and smiles
Mr president, Mr president
Please do something for your residents,
At least show us that you’ve tried
My black hair, my afro, my short, my relaxed hair,
My doek is my crown or should I say my pride!
That stands out in the crowds, so shame on you!
For insulting us that we look horrified
Saying my crown is damaged, with your “frizzy” words,
Because all you have is a “dull” mindset
Because I am gold, and told that
Black is BOLD
Black is LOVE
Black is CARE
And just like Beyoncé said