A deafening roar –
Hard water hits…
And so does retreat,
But then stealthily returns.


“Captain ahoy, stormy seas!”
“Drop the anchor, tie the sails,
Hold the helm and balance this ship!”

“For this…
This is the anger of the gods
Where man is to be tested,
And if we should make it…
We have a new story of…
Of triumph to tell!”

“Go men! To our death we go – or –
For life we fight…
To see the next day.”
Waves slam the hull left and right.
Men fly forth – up and down and about,
Three go overboard screaming…
Tie yourselves or hold for dear life!

The immaculate law of gravity
Swallows men whole,
Tortured faces fade…
Into the blackness.

Maritime law in full motion,
Furious rolls of carbon and oxygen:
Fusing to cold-deathly matter,
Ungoverned by man, ruled by herself.

Her blue radiance unforgiving:
Teasing, testing, and trolling.
Pass this test… and all will be given to you.
All that you have ever needed;
All that you have ever truly wanted.

The storm ceases immediately…
Strong wind howls – for fast travel,
By gods! Mother has spoken.
The mariners rejoice and celebrate,
But take heed.

Tell of my fury – My mystery.
A never-ending horde of ships,
Boats and bodies test me!
Say my name!
I cannot be dominated.