I will no longer plan for
any coming day
As from today, I’m
locking myself inside
this dark room
Yeah! There’s no life
out there so what’s
the use of going out?

This door, I’m changing it
into a wall,
No one will ever enter
These windows, I’m turning them into modern windows
and putting them in the roof
to see the sky, in case the Lord is sending the angels to come and take me.

These tears falling down my cheeks,
I’m not whipping them,
I want them to fill this room
so that I will drown in them
because my tears will
stop falling when the Lord arrives.

Trying, I’m done with that
There’s nothing I’ve archived with it.
Forget about hope,
I’ve abandoned that
long time ago.
This life with no direction
must now end.

I’ve asked the Lord
several times “What kind
of life is without natural gifts that You gave me?”
Still no answers yet.

The only thing that He
does is to take every
helpful person from me
and leave me empty handed.

I don’t want any help
from anyone but from you Lord.
They’ve played their role,
I am now looking straight
to You, asking for one last thing,
to take me out of this misery life.