I don’t know what’s wrong
I just feel the need to cry
All I need is to be strong
Or I will really die

Why does it hurt so much
I feel so lost
I need to do the most
Is there even such?

What do I have to do
How am I supposed to get this
Oh how I need peace
Why do I feel so blue

Why am I so sad
Am I mad?
What’s going on
Why was I even born

What is my purpose
Just to have a big nose
Why am I really here
I need you near

God help me
I think I’m losing myself
Why can’t I just be
What happened to my true self

I’m really happy
But yet so sad
Was I hit with a nappy
Am I that bad

Why can’t this end
Please just this time
Should I move around the bend
Or just perform a brief mime

There’s something missing
Which makes me feel like singing
Where’s all the joy gone
Gone is my funny bone