I’m not sure why am I writing this
Maybe it’s because a part of me misses you
I don’t know what happened in the past
All I know is that I’ve always had a special place in your heart…
But not as special as your other children

The fact that you neglected me to live another life affected me
In a way that I sought a father figure in places I never thought I would
Growing up hearing other kids telling stories about
How cool their dads were broke me
I was never given an opportunity to have a daughter-father bond
Nah, I don’t hate you, instead I love you
Dear Dad, wherever you are I want you to know that
I forgive you for driving me straight into depression
Maybe you thought what you were doing was the best way…
For who? I’m not sure
I’m writing this literally in tears because a huge part of me is still hurting
Dear Dad, I hope one day we’ll meet again in another lifetime
And I hope wherever you are your soul is at peace