Black skins were born here
Starships, were never meant
To fly we were meant to be
Leaders of our birthplace
But all of this is just a
Dirt race and we blacks are
Left in residues of mud

Racism quotes may call us monkeys
And savages but they seem to
Forget that stars only
Appear in the dark so never
Mind the sayings.

We were born to be great
Because a great man once said,
“It only makes sense when
Your dark is outside and your
Bright is inside”
Think of yourselves as

The universe is beautiful and dark
Our hunger is occupied by love
Africa the sky is for us to receive
And live under the dark pigment on
Our skin represent our fundamental
Rights even though we are robbed
Of our freedom

Africa live and see apply and evolve
To acknowledge the amount of potential
In us today we celebrate our blackness
We celebrate the true definition of life
And love.

Because fighting for equality
In front of a mic doesn’t mean
I don’t know the gates of Parliament.