When I say don’t sleep,
I don’t mean at night,
Though I mean don’t get comfortable,
there is no crown waiting for no one,
but there is a crown to achieve hardworking.

When I say don’t sleep,
be like team no sleep,
and hustle in the sleep,
to hustle sleek at night when all have slept.
Sleep with one eye open, in fact sleep awake.

When I say don’t sleep,
something goes wrong when you sleep,
the night blanks and darkens your mind,
and dizzy becomes your profession,
and sleeping becomes your PhD.

When I say don’t sleep,
I mean don’t quit,
even if the mountain looks uphill,
even if what you’re trying to achieve seems far,
it’ll be shame to see how close you were if you quit.

When I say don’t sleep,
I am not just saying it,
tomorrow is everyday,
and the future is also everyday.
Never waste time waiting for the future.

When I say don’t sleep,
take my vow and never sleep.
Be a nocturnal and sleep at day,
let them say you’re not sane but insane,
excavate your future.