She knew she was impelled by some force greater than her will
Touching her lips that warmed her flesh
Merely touching them wasn’t enough
She was drowning in a wealth of sensations
She could taste the salt maleness beneath her mouth

The scent of the feeling
Her need of him, is so compulsive she couldn’t breathe
Until his tongue found the sensitive cord in her neck
As the storm raged outside
A pulse beat tensely against his jaw
Feeling the clenched tension of his skin as he swallowed

Muttering something she couldn’t decipher
Her protest muffled beneath the burning possession of his mouth
She felt the kiss that had none the sophistication from the kiss from earlier
Her thumb probing the softness of his lips
His gaze made her shake with need

Her heart ached to hear words of love
How would she feel?
When her soul cried out for more talk than that offered by his body
Like someone trapped In a dream she let her imagination run wild
Bemused by his brain, her eyes followed the progress
The pounding surf echoed by the heavy beat of her own heart
Having a desperate need to escape the intimacy

Impelled by her own treacherous need for desire
Her eyes dilating in sudden shock, at the intimate contact of his body
Eyes locked in a bitter dual of love
Spiralling waves of pleasure thudded through her
She would feel this earthy sensual need to have her body ripen with a man’s seed
Although she had always liked kids

Finally she found out, she was a won bet
All that happened was not real, it was faked
Her heart slowly started to bleed
Tears of motion ran through her aching body
The easy way out for her, was looking ahead of her
She drowned in a flood of betrayal and sadness
It was her last time, she was even seen alive
All the flame that burned his body
Consumed her in a flame that could not be put out.