In action one might say
Missing today once they
Were warriors today there
Is greed and selfishness
And power-mongering too

(The I did not struggle
To be poor mantra
Replicated and reiterated)

A scolding it is from the
Stage and a comrade-accused

Something which was
Missing today
(Honouring a leader-past)

That style of leadership
Missing today though
Not just today
But for a while now
How long still

“Mantashe scolds ANC for losing touch” (Argus, October 28 2016). The ANC secretary-general has the organization’s Western Cape provincial secretary all dressed-up and grinning next to him – that self-same person who had just appeared in court, accused of assaulting a comrade-colleague!

The said I did not struggle to be poor refrain came from the mouth of former ANC spokesperson, one Smuts Ngonyama (seethe Mail & Guardian’s Verbatim column, circa Friday, 12 November 2004).