When Lee is down
Then no one
Sees his tears

When Lee has frowns
Then almost all
Sees his smears
When Lee is alone
Then no sees
His fears
But when Lee is happy
Then everyone hears his cheers
Everyone cheers
Yet Lee sneers at them
Because they don’t remember
Lee’s heartache
Lee’s trials
Lee’s tribulations
All through the years

Lee can’t afford a maid
So he cleans his own house
Sweep the floors
Mop the floors
Dirt thrown out the doors
No time to bath yet
Lee is early up
Doing laundry
By himself
Only he knows how
Have to save water and electricity
Because rates are always high
Can’t sleep late on a weekend
By rubbish in the night
Still have to mark
A lot of tasks
So tired by midday
How can I still mark
And stay awake?

Ungrateful educational system
Poor teachers
Work like slaves in the night
Nobody cares about their health
Except the medical aid schemes
That benefit from their lives
No time to save in these tough economic times
We are already cutting down on luxuries
Oh that’s a past time
We stay at home during vacation
No money to go out
High bonds to pay
Sole, alone I sojourn
Through the clouds
Still I carry on
Even though my paycheck
Looks at me and moans
Samp and beans
For this month
With maybe a small piece of meat and spice
If I’m lucky enough
Friends come and go
Fake friends galore
Old friends part ways
Yes they too
Have changed
Must carry on on one’s own
‘Cause no one
Will hold you
When you are cold
Then it’s you alone
Alone in a casket
With others waiting for their piece of bone
Better use up all your money
Else they will enjoy it luxuriously
Family too a disappointment
Can’t believe that we are related
Really related?
Feels more like strangers
Can do without them
Must go on my own
Around the bend

Thank you, dear lord
As you are the only true friend and family I have
As the ones here on earth
Leave me cold hearted and hurt