My dream…
You see I don’t have normal dreams at night as I sleep
My dream is not only to see that beautiful smile again
My dream is not to indulge myself in her beautiful dimpled smile
But my dream is to be the reason why she smiles again
Because we all know a thousand words are said by a single smile

To see the spark in her angelic eyes and that beautiful smile on her face
I would travel a journey far beyond the footprints of human kind
I will bring the world to a standstill just to brighten your face
Past the skills of life itself I would embed that smile in the back of my mind
Paint a masterpiece better than the Mona Lisa

I’m only human and my mind may run out of words to say
Truth be told in that very same mind your smile will forever stay
The dawning of the sun under clear blue clouds as birds make sweet sounds
I may compare to a lot, but my longing to see that smile knows no bounds
And as I lay in bed I cannot help but wonder:
Am I ever gonna make you smile again?
As that smile triggers me like thunder on a stormy day