Enjoy these poems from our participants!

I am Lungelwa,
Caring and selfless.
Who loves art, movies and my babies.
Who fears disappointments and regrets.
Who dreams of becoming a successful writer.
I am Lungelwa.
I am Lungelwa Kulati.

I am Phumula
Caring and carefree
Who loves life, Love and chocolates
Who fears rejection and heartbreak
Who dreams of owning a successful business in the next five years
I am Phumula
I am Phumula Mkhwanazi

I am Bandile
Honest and compassionate
Who loves people, stories and nature
Who fears judgement and pain
Who dreams of making a meangful contribution to the human experience
I am Bandile
I am Bandile Sibuyi

I am Zanele,
Loving and Creative
Who loves stories, music and family.
Who fears not reaching her full potential and snakes
Who dreams of traveling the world through creativity
I am Zanele
I am Zanele Dlamini

I am Somila
Cheerful and talkative
Who loves art, science and nature
Who fears climate change and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic
Who dreams of traveling across the African continent
I am Somila
I am Somila Mjekula

I am Simamkele
Beautiful and creative
Who loves Family,music and money
Who fears heights and failure
Who dreams of becoming a media personality
I am Simamkele
I am Simamkele Mbambo

I am Zukisani
quiet and ruminative
who loves his family, music and writing
who fears not living to his potential and being there for his family
who dreams of rose-gold Eastern Cape sunsets
I am Zukisani
I am Zukisani Nongogo

I am Lutho
Emotional and hard-working
Who loves love, reading and art.
Who fears confrontation and not making a difference.
Who dreams of living life to the absolute fullest.
I am Lutho.
I am Lutho Mankayi.

I am Bulelani
Friendly and Loving
Who loves cars, my family and games
Who fears Fear and God
Who dreams of being a property guru one day
I am Bulelani
I am Bulelani Kambula


I am Thembeka

Loving, Passionate

Who loves romance, music and volunteering

Who dreams of being a writer who can inspire both young and old readers

I am Thembeka

I am Thembeka Mdlalose